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Body Paint Writing Results! by ANewENFArtist
Mature content
Body Paint Writing Results! :iconanewenfartist:ANewENFArtist 6 20
Hideous Troll stories
Hi, a couple of people have asked for these so here are some links to all the stories by HT (other than the one's that VILLAFREAK is already kindly hosting on his page).
A very short Darlene story:

4 stories also set in Ozymandias County but featuring another lady called Cathy:


A swords and sorcery type fantasy

3 Ann Berrybush stories

And now for something completely different...

:iconbishopberkley:Bishopberkley 15 10
Hidden Village Of Regression Part 1-6
The Hidden Village Of Regression
Author note: This takes place before the time skip but shortly after the naruto/sasuke fight at the Valley Of The End.
P.S. This story involves the use of Forced Age play and Infantilism. Certain suggestive themes are also involved but it doesn't actually involve real children, everything here is purely fictional and based of the work of Manga Author and Creator, Masashi Kishimoto.
If this offends you, please go ahead and NOT read it. Otherwise for everyone else, Enjoy!
Chapter 1
It was a clear day with plenty of sunshine in the Fire County. Within the outskirts of the country there is a village that produces many skilled, intelligent, and deadly shinobi. This village is called the Hidden leaf Village. In the depths of the village there is a shinobi of the genin rank who is currently and enjoying a bowl of ramen, his name is Naruto Uzumaki.
"Ah, that was some good stuff." Naruto states as he finishes up with his food and says his farewell to the Ichirak
:iconruby923:ruby923 59 9
Metroid's bath time by spoekerman Metroid's bath time :iconspoekerman:spoekerman 55 10 Shoes by janlykke
Mature content
Shoes :iconjanlykke:janlykke 85 2
Beauty in Bed by janlykke Beauty in Bed :iconjanlykke:janlykke 65 0 Black Stockings by janlykke
Mature content
Black Stockings :iconjanlykke:janlykke 99 4
Red Hair by janlykke
Mature content
Red Hair :iconjanlykke:janlykke 175 7
Nude Back by janlykke
Mature content
Nude Back :iconjanlykke:janlykke 173 8
Nude in Golden Light by janlykke
Mature content
Nude in Golden Light :iconjanlykke:janlykke 439 22
A Lovely Smile by janlykke
Mature content
A Lovely Smile :iconjanlykke:janlykke 81 7
Yamato Class Battleship Musashi Tickled Clean by MichaelScottCannon
Mature content
Yamato Class Battleship Musashi Tickled Clean :iconmichaelscottcannon:MichaelScottCannon 744 53
Mature content
Paint Problems :iconldnnld:ldnnld 13 9
A Very Strange Trip to the Zoo (Part 2) (f/m)
 Bailey tumbles down the chute, head over heels. He was shocked at first, but after the initial shock of being ripped out of his home and thrust into a very foreign holding has made him a little bit numb to things like that. As the floor falls out from under him a second time, he sighs, wondering how this could possibly get worse.
He has a surprisingly comfortable landing on a very plush, yellow couch. In fact, the entire room he's in is very plush and yellow. The floor is just like the room he woke up in, but the walls are mercifully smooth.The room is rectangular, with double doors on one long side, assumedly the exit to that center space. Along the edges, there are two doors, and in the back, another singular one.
The room is lavishly furnished. In addition to the couch he currently finds himself on, Bailey is surrounded by several loveseats, a coffee table, a pile of blankets (which are, to his dismay, also dreadfully downy), a lamp, a rocking chair, and another couch in front
:icontickleticklerp:tickleticklerp 6 15
A Very Strange Trip to the Zoo (Part 1) (*/m)
 Bailey had a very normal life. He wasn't unattractive, but he wasn't anything people would really write home about either. Girls often called him 'pretty' rather than handsome, and it caused him no end of frustration, headaches, and humiliation. His first girlfriend would always tell him about how his dark, brown hair seemed to make his blue eyes sparkle. He wasn't particularly tall, either; he was just over 5'8.
His education was normal, too. He graduated with an average GPA, started at an average college, and promptly decided it wasn't for him. He dropped out and moved back in with his parents, deciding to just go with the flow, wherever life decided to take him.
It all changed one night in May, starting in that very house he grew up in.
That night started out the same as any other night for Bailey. He went to bed around 11, and slept soundly. When he woke up, he found himself in a place that was a far cry from his home.
He lay supine, naked but for his underwear, in a pure whi
:icontickleticklerp:tickleticklerp 12 3
Mature content
Renee's Water Solution :iconpianoman518:pianoman518 271 13




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